Tsukuba (Tiago Lima)

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Tsukuba (Tiago Lima)

Mensaje  LRatafia el Mar Mar 29, 2016 1:49 pm

V2.0 por Tiago Lima (ojala este linda, tengo vistas y hechas muchas carreras en Tsukuba y es una pista que me gusta mucho)


   22 Pits and Grid spots
   Working ai
   3d grass
   Trackmap and sections corner names
   2 layouts , Full circuit and short version
   Changes to suit the 2015/16 videos ,publicity boards road surroundings curbs position curbs usage
   Physical mesh
   Complete new version converted again and reworked ( more than 100 hours of work )
   3 Camera sets including Best motoring inspired by @Sergio Vieira
   Animated flags


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