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Road America

Mensaje  LRatafia el Dom Ene 31, 2016 6:58 pm

Changelog 3.4
- Vegetation polished ( bushes thru walls fixed )
- New road texture
Changelog 3.3:
-New hill Terrain textures
-added vegetation (still wip)
-Added ai fix from Ricky78
Version 3.2

-New more detailed road mesh.
-grass shader tweaks
Thanks to LilSki

-Removed brake marker cones
-Added more realistic brake markers
-Added some Rubbering on the track (mainly brake zones and corners)
- Added objects in the pitlane ( Cones, fuelrig, Fire extinguishers, Marchalls)
- Added missing barrier on the pitlane ( blue armco)
-Better Texture for the Blue Armco
-Fixed half trees
-Improved Grabel textures
-Added ACRL Panels on the Main straight
-Changed Tv camera_3
-Added staring cameras


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