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Mensaje  LRatafia el Dom Ene 31, 2016 6:56 pm

nueva actualizacion de este gran circuito v0.37


- added 3D grass
- added first version of groove texture (skidmarks, does not change over time yet)
- added more buildings and offtrack props (flags/tents/lamps/blockout of montreal skyline)
-new fastline AI and cameras made by "Stepy" (thanks!)
- fixed too bright bushes in cloudy conditions
-smoothed out elevation in turn 4-5
-reduced brightness of trees massively
-fixed missing collsion with the barrier in the hairpin
-fixed erratic collision with the barrier on the start straight
-fixed hotlap start position, hotlapmode should now work
-added new fastlaneAI (by "TwoHardCore", AI should be more accurate now)
-added pitlaneAI (by "stepy", AI should be able to use pitlane properly now)
-added new grandstand models (look...
-changed asphalt friction to 0.99 (default was 1.0 ->the track is noticeable slower now)
-added offtrack sections (asphalt next to the racetrack is now tagged as such)
-added working pitlane (old version had wrong surface assigned)
-added mowed grass
-added spectator tents and new building after the hairpin
-added trackmap
-added orange bumper kerbs (no idea how they are called)
-added TV camera set by "TTM" (thanks )
-added water around the track and some trees on a...


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