Tsukuba (Rainmaker)

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Tsukuba (Rainmaker)

Mensaje  LRatafia el Sáb Mayo 21, 2016 11:08 pm

mediafire.com download/11c5u7gtxa7ti3y/Tsukuba+2005+v1.5+by+Rainmaker.7z

-renamed the track to avoid misunderstandings with the Tiago Lima version
-now up to 22 cars!
-fixed a fence shader
-added 3D grass

-fixed a tree hanging in the air
-changed a texture

-improvement of the shadows, especially round objects are looking better now, the corner edges of the road too, example http://s20.postimg.org/3sxx8t1rx/Enna_v1_01.jpg
-harder ffb for the curbs
-recovered the s/f line
-fixed pit boy issue
-new shader for the skybox to match with AC 1.4
-several other texture and shader improvements
-new ai
-reorganized starting grid
-added collisions object around the track -> better performance


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