Adelaide 1988

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Adelaide 1988

Mensaje  LRatafia el Lun Mayo 16, 2016 9:22 pm download/b9sg09ecyid89he/Adelaide+1988+v1.5+by+SBB+project.7z
Set de camaras extras:

-replay cameras
-working track map
-support for hot lap mode
-support for time attack mode
-competitive AI made with AC v1.61
-26 pit boxes with working pit lane

Get always the latest version here: download/b9sg09ecyid89he/Adelaide+1988+v1.5+by+SBB+project.7z

-complete new and faster AI
-grid raised to 26 cars
-removed some unnecessary wall keys

-improvement of the shadows, especially round objects looking better now, example
-harder curbs
-added link to the mediafire public files section in the read me, so you can always look for a update on the correct place
-purged unused objects -> smaller file size
-fixed cpu error massage at start with large grids (too many walls in pit area)

-fixed a bug caused by AC v1.35 that showed lines over some treelines

BIG UPDATE of all tracks for AC v1.3!

general improvements to all tracks:
-fixed some double keys (like pit/wall or pit/road)
-fixed and edited cams
-made reverb optional (if track had one)
-added support for time attack mode (if track did not had it already)
-further optimized ai for some tracks
-checked all tracks for the correct fuel consumption
-changed shader and normals for the spectators
-smaller changes of materials, shaders and objects
-added new start cameras

-reorganized starting grid for the new AC ai in v1.2
-new and faster ai

-new grass shader
-changed shader and normals for the spectators (marshals only)
-changed shader for transparent materials
-new: support for time attack mode
-new (standard) trackmap
-fixed some double-sided objects
-facet normals


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